Sunday, September 5, 2010

Piresian Beach - Space Grrl

"Lo-fi, super fuzzed, heavy, psyched out punk from… Hungary? A bit noisey, sometimes a bit bluesy, and always kissed by punk aesthetics, Piresian Beach is FANTASTIC. Jaw droppingly so. With a voice that is rather deep and demanding, I’m an immediate fan. Jump on the bandwagon NOW.
She has seven tracks available at Download them all!"

Legendary Pink Dots - Crushed Velvet Apocalypse

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Don Cherry: Bitter Funeral Beer

"Based on Funeral Music From The Lo-Birifor, Sisaala and Ewe Peoples of Ghana. Field recordings by Bengt Berger feature voices of women of Kundar village crying at the funeral of a small child. They sing that the child did not know how to live, and ask the dead to help it. "

Joe Henderson feat. Alice Coltrane - The Elements

Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun

Evalisto Muyinda - Traditional music of Baganda

"Traditional Baganda music, as formerly played at the court of the Kabaka of Buganda (current Uganda). Music from former court musician Evalisto Muyinda (who died in 1993) and his ensemble. Instrumental pieces on ennanga (harp), endongo (lyre), endere (flute), endingidi (1-stringed violin), amadinda and akadinda (xylophones), various percussion instruments and vocal pieces."

Death In June - Free Tibet

Eddie Ghale's Ghetto Music

VHK - A Halál Móresre Tanítása

István Mártha - Támad A Szél

Kraftwerk - Live on Bremen Radio, 25 06 1971

Plastikman - Consumed



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Brötzmann/Laswell - Low Life