Saturday, November 20, 2010

Antares - Deep and Endless

About Antares:

Our band was formed in the spring of 2004.
It has two members:
Scorpthor: vocal and lyrics,
Prethoryus: music, backing vocal

Our music is written with computer. Its mood is that of black metal but you can also find dynamic extreme metal elements in it.
Our first CD including 10 songs was released in February 2005 with the title „The Last Sunset”. The songs are about the end of the world. It was well received.
Soon afterwards we began working on our second album (Deep and Endless), which was released in April 2006.
Its about nightmares and dark stories. The mood and the atmosphere is new. The second album got a recognition that we expected after the success of the first one.
Both our albums were recorded in our homes but we intend to record the vocal and mix the album in a studio.
Currently we are looking for a record company so that more and more people can listen to us.

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